Services offered by A.D.S

Data Entry

We enter or modify your data and return it in a form which you can use for your record keeping, mailings, or surveys.

We used forced entry fields and can use field verification which help guarantee accuracy.

Data Conversion

Data can be converted into most any format including: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Comma Delimited, DBF, fixed format and more.



Locate and remove duplicate records from your database information.

Zip +4 & Zip Code Verification

Your records can be processed through Zip+4 verification which standardizes address, city, and state information, and zip codes.


We can sort your records by carrier route, geographically, by name, by company, by zip code, etc.

Data Management

Data Management

A.D.S. can manage your data for you. We will store and maintain your data as well as process the data as you need it.


Bar Code Scanning

We can offer bar code reading for bar codes of all standards, and the data can be returned to you in most any database format.

Labels & Mailings

We also offer the service of printing labels and/or labeling, stuffing and mailing envelopes.

Mailing Services


A.D.S. will return processed data back to you via e-mail attachment, FTP, or overnight courier, depending on your preference.